California Academia de Tenis

Created a WordPress theme out of a tightly coupled static HTML template. Totally revamped the original code, which was set to all individual div id’s rather than classes. Added a bit of jQuery & bootstrap CSS to make the theme responsive on all devices. View like demo here <– Screenshots.

Cameron Taylor Films

Just finished up another site for Cameron Taylor, and this time we went a different route. Using a JQuery parallax template, I converted it to work with WordPress. Check it out here and enjoy!

WordPress Contact Captcha Form Plugin

Here is a very simple contact form with captcha capabilities.

Strip Version From WordPress Scripts

Here is a link to the plugin that will strip “ver=” from the end of WordPress scripts. If you’re looking for a way to remove “ver=3.7.1″ from the end of your WordPress scripts & stylesheets, this will do the trick.

Cameron Taylor Photography

One of the most talented photographers hands down is Cameron Taylor. His style to capture the moment of someone or something and make you feel like your there in the photo is an extremely talented gift. You can tell by looking at Cameron’s photography, that not only does he take his time setting up shots, […]


Vistage was a fun company to work for, they really knew what they wanted, which made life easy and to top it off all the employees were on top of their game when it came to online marketing and knew quite a bit about best practices. Working for Vistage was a pleasant experience and would […]