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Fix MySQL Error: 1346

If you’re looking to fix MySQL Error: 1346, try these steps. 1) Locate and open my.ini file, if you’re on Windows use Notepadd++, or if you’re on Mac try TextWrangler. 2) search for “sql-mode” 3) make sure its not set to strict*

Create and delete windows service

Below is how you would create and delete windows service thru the terminal, hope this helps. Open up terminal and type the following to remove a service. sc delete “Service Name” And to create a service, just have your exe located somewhere easy to remember (like in a folder on your desktop), and input into […]

WordPress woocommerce fix for billing and shipping blank page issue

If you’ve ever ran across the white screen of death using the woocommerce front end billing and shipping editing pages, well i hope this article will come in handy. Below are a few steps that should help you fix the woocommerce billing and shipping blank page after saving. 1) Copy the “form-edit-address.php” file over to […]

WordPress localhost and server config settings

Here’s a quick way to work with your specified config file locally and on your server. In┬áthe case of working locally, you might have some different creds than your server settings. 1) Make a copy of your config file and call “wp-config-loacl.php” or something. 2) Add this code to the top of your “wp-config.php” file. […]

Identify last document in MongoDB using find()

Here is a quick snippet to find the last document in MongoDB.

How to fix xampp mysql not starting issue

So for a day I couldn’t figure out how to get mysql to run while I was connected to the internet, or while other programs were running. It was boggling my mind, but some how came across changing the port numbers and fixed it.

.NET MapRoute not working.

Remember when your are using a MapRoute that you have the correct naming convention that is being used in your message, if you’re using a message, if not, then make sure the arguments being passed are the same naming as in the route otherwise the redirection won’t work.

Strip Version From WordPress Scripts

Here is a link to the plugin that will strip “ver=” from the end of WordPress scripts. If you’re looking for a way to remove “ver=3.7.1” from the end of your WordPress scripts & stylesheets, this will do the trick.

Yelp API Call

This, like the Instagram API calls, it was a bit tricky to figure out at first, but again, with some digging figured out how to use the Yelp API.

Instagram API Media Recent Call

Here I am going to show you how to connect to Instagram’s API using their “recent” call on media.