Mocha Steps fails to work.

mocha-steps, mocha
if mocha-steps fail to work in unit/integration tests, make sure `--require mocha-steps` is the value in "Extra Mocha options:" section.

Fix MySQL Error: 1346

If you’re looking to fix MySQL Error: 1346, try these steps.

1) Locate and open my.ini file, if you’re on Windows use Notepadd++, or if you’re on Mac try TextWrangler.

2) search for “sql-mode”

3) make sure its not set to strict*

WordPress woocommerce fix for billing and shipping blank page issue

If you’ve ever ran across the white screen of death using the woocommerce front end billing and shipping editing pages, well i hope this article will come in handy.

Below are a few steps that should help you fix the woocommerce billing and shipping blank page after saving.

1) Copy the “form-edit-address.php” file over to your themes /woocommerce/myaccount directory within your theme.
2) Once you’ve done this add an id to the form, this really can be any naming convention you want. So for this tutorial we’ll call it “edit-address”.
3) After this we’re going to add some jquery to your footer.php page.

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Yelp API Call

This, like the Instagram API calls, it was a bit tricky to figure out at first, but again, with some digging figured out how to use the Yelp API. Here I will show you how to make a simple call to get data through a company. For this example I will be showing the restaurant “Notorious Burgers” who was a recent client of mine. Continue reading “Yelp API Call”