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Vacation 4 life woocommerce website

Vacation for life: Custom template from scratch off of a PSD. Woocommerce shopping cart with custom template overrides. using overrides to create custom UI/UX using overrides to create custom functionality for theme specific tasks, while still making use of core Woocomerce code. Responsive theme using Bootstrap css/js. You can view a demo of the Vacation 4 life […]

Bruce Bugbee Development and Design

Recent WP project was working on Bruce Bugbee’s website and updating the shopping cart for Woocommerce and setting up items to be sold. Also fixed up some old styling issues that were lingering around. The Bruce Bugbee Development and Design project was a great opportunity to really dig into Woocommerce and understand the complexity of […]

California Academia de Tenis

Created a WordPress theme out of a tightly coupled static HTML template. Totally revamped the original code, which was set to all individual div id’s rather than classes. Added a bit of jQuery & bootstrap CSS to make the theme responsive on all devices

Cameron Taylor Films

Just finished up another site for Cameron Taylor, and this time we went a different route. Using a JQuery parallax template, I converted it to work with WordPress. Check it out here and enjoy!

Cameron Taylor Photography

*Note: This site has been revamped and the new screenshots are not uploaded, if you want to see the new version of the site, visit it here. One of the most talented photographers hands down is Cameron Taylor. His style to capture the moment of someone or something and make you feel like your there […]

Golden State General Contractors

Recently had the opportunity to work on a construction website.