Marko Rubel

Marko Rubel, Self made millionaire.

Here is a site that I designed and developed for Marko Rubel. Marko Rubel is a self made millionaire who invented the profit grabber for realiters or individuals who are interested in short sales and selling homes. While working for Marko, I also was apart of building his membership system, from InfusionWP, for his clients who could log into and get recent videos, updates on whats happening near them as well as being able to upgrade membership status for really big benefits and special events such as flying in a private jet to vegas for his conferences.

Different ways to write PHP if else statements

Here are a couple ways to write a PHP if else statement.

The first display is a simple way of writing an if/else statement. Although its a bit long and can be shortened down, I’ll show that in a moment, there are a few ways to write an if/else statement, and in this post I will going over 3 of them. The first one is an amateur way to write it, but works. Continue reading “Different ways to write PHP if else statements”

Joomla! member function get() Fatal Error

I was working on getting the param values of a certain module one day, and finding that it was working fine in the tmpl/default.php page how I wanted to grab the param value. As soon as I put the code into a function I was getting a Fatal error about the “get()” function. So after some testing I realize, “well what if I just create a whole new parameter??? Continue reading “Joomla! member function get() Fatal Error”