My Tinymce shortcode plugin

My Tinymce shortcode plugin is an easy way to add shortcodes to your post content with a click of a button. If you need a plugin that can add shortocdes for users, or yourself with a simple click, then this is the plugin for you. It’s easy to use and install ready out of the box to start adding shortcodes.


  1. Install plugin from plugin admin area.
  2. Create a new post, write your content and when you’re ready click the short code button in the visual Tinymce area.
  3. Save post and watch your shortcodes display in no time!

Download the plugin My Tinymce plugin.

XAMPP WordPress – RewriteEngine not allowed here

XAMPP WordPress – RewriteEngine not allowed here.

If you’re running into this issue and you’ve uncommented out the module rewrite like i have and you’ve set your AllowOverride’s to All and still getting the error. Try this and see if it helps.

In your “C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-xampp.conf” file look for “<Directory “C:/xampp/htdocs/xampp”>” and set that AllowOverride to All, and restart Apache. Hope this helps.

Bruce Bugbee Development and Design

Recent WP project was working on Bruce Bugbee’s website and updating the shopping cart for Woocommerce and setting up items to be sold. Also fixed up some old styling issues that were lingering around. The Bruce Bugbee Development and Design project was a great opportunity to really dig into Woocommerce and understand the complexity of such a well know E-Commerce WordPress plugin.

You can view Bruce Bugbee’s shopping cart here.

Note: The design of the site was not mine, I only helped fix messed up styles*

WordPress woocommerce fix for billing and shipping blank page issue

If you’ve ever ran across the white screen of death using the woocommerce front end billing and shipping editing pages, well i hope this article will come in handy.

Below are a few steps that should help you fix the woocommerce billing and shipping blank page after saving.

1) Copy the “form-edit-address.php” file over to your themes /woocommerce/myaccount directory within your theme.
2) Once you’ve done this add an id to the form, this really can be any naming convention you want. So for this tutorial we’ll call it “edit-address”.
3) After this we’re going to add some jquery to your footer.php page.

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XAMPP + WordPress writable upload folder issue

Update: Here is an update to this issue. With the new version of XAMPP its in partners with Bitnami, which is cool, just changed the look and feel of the manager. So nothing different as far as what to do to fix the uploading/ftp issue, so you can keep going forward.

So last night I was working with XAMPP and WordPress 3.5 and wanted to test out a new plugin that I’m writing on a local environment. After a very short time after install of XAMPP I soon realized I was having an issue creating the “uploads” directory. The folder wasn’t able to be created because of a permissions issue. If you’ve hit this wall, then this post is for you. I’m going to make this short and sweet. Continue reading “XAMPP + WordPress writable upload folder issue”

How to use multiple query_post in one file

Recently working on a custom template, I was struggeling to get multiple queries to fire off for different categories. I finally found a quick and easy way to make a call without calling multiple db calls. Before this code I’m about to show you, I was making 3 seperate calls which was taking way too long to load the page, so here is a way to take down the load time and feels clean, and doesn’t smell. Continue reading “How to use multiple query_post in one file”